Mobile Management

VKnow Office App is an app to lets you stay on top of everything and organize your firm. You’ll be able to streamline your entire operations process and reduce office clutter. Replace stacks of documents and old binders with one easy to use program.

VKnow Office Mobile App can be used as a part of stock control system where it can handle stock information transfer to the outlets and receive orders from the outlet. Stock take function has been added on as an additional feature. In addition, it can be supported as a POS system. For retail space constrain, exhibition and road show, handy and simple devices are encouraged.

Snapshot of images through the VKnow Office mobile app can be shared and used at POS Systems, mobile app and e-commerce systems simultaneously.

By enhancing our mobile app, it now can be used as a part of Human Resource system.

Users Control & Security – Different users will have different level of control. Higher level users will have higher access rights. However, only ONE user is able to register in ONE mobile device., And the user will not be able to access the data once he/she has resigned.

Generate discount voucher to a member for special occasions or as a wish. All these vouchers can be easily kept in the mobile app without printing it to avoid misplacing of vouchers. Members who have installed our mobile app and shop at selected outlets as a self-service basis. At these outlets, members can purchase by scanning the products barcode. The payment will be made through internet banking. With a web printer, a receipt will be printed out for the member to collect their goods.

Leave Application – User are able to apply leave through the mobile app. Once it has been submitted, the HR personnel will be notified. The approval/disapproval can be checked via the mobile app. Public Holidays will be showed in the mobile app as an easy reference for both employer and employee.

Attendance Record – A QR Code will be generated daily to the staff and by scanning the QR Code into the POS system, the attendance record will be saved. With this information, HR personnel will be able to calculate employee monthly salary at ease.

Sales Target – User are able to track the achievement of sales through the mobile app